An intimate 6 month mastermind for the creative entrepreneur ready to create her breakthrough year

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You were meant to make an impact, not just a living

Join the Breakthrough Mastermind and create the business you've been dreaming of

After joining a mastermind, I tapped into my greater purpose, and gained the tools to systematize and scale my businesses, create a team, and create multiple revenue streams. 

Are you ready to create a business that has:


Using my breakthrough blueprint, we'll focus our first month on identifying and replacing limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs. You'll need this-in phases 2 & 3 we're going to do some things that will feel scary. 


Once we've laid a success mindset foundation, our focus will shift to creating your next sales funnel. This can be for a new direction in your business or simply a more passive way to generate leads for your current business


After building your sales funnel, we'll map out your next launch, using all the best techniques in the market right now. And the best part? You'll know just how to overcome self sabotage because you've laid a strong foundation!

The Breakthrough Mastermind

Begins June 2019-become a member now

The Breakthrough Mastermind runs from June 2019-December 2019. 

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You deserve to have the successful business you've been dreaming of

I've studied the human brain for years-you know what I've learned? Success is a repeatable scientific process...but our brains were made to keep us safe, not successful.

Our intimate 6 month program will create breakthroughs in your mindset and business. Using my brain-science backed breakthrough blueprint, we’ll begin our 6 months together by finding our limiting beliefs, releasing and replacing them with a mindset made for success, not safety.

We’ll then move into create a road map for your business goals, so you can focus your efforts, accelerate your growth and take control of your business.

The magic to this intimate experience is how we as a group help you build and innovate, keeping you focused on your big task

Are you ready to lean into the magic of community as you create your success?

What will you learn in the Breakthrough Mastermind?

How to break through limits and fears

Your brain is wired to keep you safe. Join the Breakthrough mastermind and start retraining your brain for success using my Breakthrough Blueprint

How to create consistent 6-figure years

I taught myself how to create a six-figure business using measurable systems and processes. I'm ready to roll up my sleeves and show you how.

How to automate and scale

The key to your business growth is to create systems so you can then scale your business. I'll share how to automate so you can scale your growth and impact

How to get seen and grow your tribe

You can't run a successful business if no one knows you exist. I'll show you how to get your business seen and how to grow your tribe on instagram. 

This is just what I need!

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Two mastermind calls each month with hotseats

Mastermind Retreat in Milwaukee, WI July 30-Aug 1

1 goal mapping session with Stephanie plus 2 check in calls

Mastermind Calls

Our 1 hour recorded mastermind calls are your biggest opportunity for growth. Each call has optional hotseats, where you can leverage the experience and insights of your mastermind group to help you create, grow, or solve problems in your business. 




Breakthrough Method Recorded Lessons

June 6- 2pm; 

June 13-10 am 

June 20-2 pm; 

June 27-10 am

July 11-2 pm

RETREAT July 30-Aug 1

August 8-2 pm

August 22-7:30 pm




September 10-2 pm

September 24-7:30 pm

October 10-2 pm

October 24-7:30 pm

November 7-2 pm

November 21-7:30 pm


December 6-final call!


Hey girl hey! I'm Stephanie

After leaving my elementary classroom, I grew a six-figure business, then taught myself how to systematize my process and do it over again for new business. 

But you know what I learned in the process?

Learning how to retrain my brain for success is the MOST important gift I gave myself. I've studied the human brain for years and I can show you how to scientifically train your brain for success. 

And then, let's kick some business butt.


The no. 1 reason your business isn't growing isn't because of your marketing 

Limiting beliefs are holding off the success you were meant for

Entrepreneurship goes against our brain’s natural desire for safety. Everything we do is outside our comfort zone...and our brains try hard to fight that or escape it. How? By saying things like:  

  • “I don’t have the money for this"
  • “My market is so saturated”
  • “I need more clients”
  • “Ugh, another client ghosted me”
  • “Those algorithms are killing my engagement on instagram” 

Yes, those are the sweet sounds of our brain giving us a way out of all the discomfort of entrepreneurship. Telling us how difficult it is to be unsafe. But do you know it doesn’t have to stay that way? You can retrain your brain for success AND create a community who understands what it feels like to daily live outside of your comfort zone.