Finally, a mastermind experience for the early-stage entrepreneur!

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Build your business. Overcome your fear. Get support. Plan for profit. 

Hey! I'm Stephanie and I used feel pretty stuck trying to grow my business. Ya feel me?  

I needed to grow my business. But I was also scared silly. I couldn't figure out which need was most important-my fear or my lack of I did nothing. 

Year after year would pass and as I tried to DIY my success, I found myself perennially stuck and scared.

I taught myself how to turn around my business, build a thriving six-figure business from MY purpose and I'm bringing you behind the scenes to do the same.  

It doesn't need to take you as long as it took me. 

Lemme guess-you're busy building your business, dreaming of it becoming the thing that provides your family with freedom, vacations, or your ideal schooling for your sweet babies. But you're a little stuck DIYing your success too.  

You don't really know how to get from where you are to where you want to be and you need help.  

You're not sure which you need more help with though. You need help learning the techie stuff to become a savvy online marketer...but you're not sure if its your marketing that sucks...or that you're scared. you hire a private coach to get some acountability as you overcome your fear?  

Or do you take an online course to learn how to book clients, use pinterest, or grow your instagram?  

Nah, you and I both know that neither of those are quite meeting your needs.  


You need both, don't you?  

And I've created just the solution for you!  

The Inspired Business Mastermind gives you mindset support to help you get outta your own way, online trainings in building and scaling your creative business, and the magic momentum of masterminding with a tribe of supportive, high-vibe entrepreneurs.  

Is it time for you to say YES to yourself and step into the version of yourself you're wishing for?

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go FAR, go together.

Join a tribe of likeminded entrepreneurs as you hone the following skills (because you don't have to choose!)


Get online training modules from my course "Mindset Mastery" to help you let go of fear and limits and step into abundance and attraction


Learn how to act like the CEO of your business during our biweekly mastermind calls


Take control of your business by implementing strategies from my tried and true Business Growth Guide

"Hey, Steph. I was just checking to make sure you made your bed. Need anything washed?" 

I was living with my parents. Jobless. My mom was making sure I made my bed (fair warning, I probably hadn't). And she was doing my laundry. 

This is not a drill. This was me at 28. 

I felt trapped, spending days on my bed (in my parents' home, no less) applying for non-existent teaching jobs. I was visiting school districts, going to interviews, subbing, and barely making a living. 

As I think about my business now, how I grew from trapped and unemployed teacher to 6-figures in multiple businesses, I know there are other women out there like 28 year old me.

Life wasn't bad. But I felt trapped. I felt like I was a victim to the economy, to jobs, to other people who had more experience. And I felt like I was made for more than mediocre. More than wondering "what would I do if my partner lost their job?"

And this is why The Inspired Business Mastermind exists. To teach other women like me exactly WHY and HOW to grow thriving businesses. It's what I wished I had at 28.

And what I'm creating now is for her-it's what she wishes she had when she felt trapped. 

It's freedom. 



This experience is for you if: 

This experience is NOT for you if: 

You are in the first 4 years of running your own business 

You are working a fulltime job, hoping this business can someday replace it.

you hear people talk about a "6-figure year" and wonder what that would be like

You sometimes think "I don't know what I don't know!"

You have dreams for how this business of yours could make your life better-freedom, adventure, connection

 You feel like you have to choose between tackling your mindset and business strategy

You wish you had a tribe of business owners who understood what you're going through

You're 5-10 years in business

You're already bringing in $100k/year on a consistent basis

You've already got a thriving business tribe


You're needing to make a quick buck

You don't like change

You feel defensive if someone gives you feedback 

You really believe that your way is the best way

You don't like being with other people

You're not a team player

Want a peak at some of the training modules? (Yes, I can totally read your mind ;) 

Selling Strategy

Let's get you geared up to sell your products. In person. On the phone. On instagram. Via email. Becoming an expert in selling is vital for you to grow your business. 

Social Media Strategy

Learn how to show up everyday, without giving away your time everyday. And learn how to grow your audience with real, meaningful numbers.

Content Strategy

It's time to use your own content to bring new customers into your business.

Systems and workflows

Gain access to my tried and true workflows for marketing, launching, and selling. And learn how to create systems so your business can run while you take a break

Mindset 101

Walk through the basics of the 4 main mindsets for growth and wealth

Limiting beliefs

Everyone has them...but not everyone keeps them. Join the ranks of people who learn how to spot limiting beliefs and how to rewrite the script for your own potential

Law of Attraction

Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. Do you like it? I'll teach you how to get MORE of it Or how to change what you don't like

Money and Abundance

Everyone wants to know how to make more money. I'll show you how to create practices that attract wealth in ways you can't explain.

Tell me about the program!

We all want to know what it costs ;) But here's the bigger question: 

how much will it cost you to say no to yourself again? 

To DIY your success? To try things that aren't working? How long will it take you to access the version of yourself you need to be in order to run the business you dream of running?

What would that version of yourself do if SHE needed help? 

A no-brainer investment 

Join right now with your deposit of $1000. Then you can opt to pay the remainder of $2500 in full or make monthly payments of $700. 

*this gives you direct access to me at about 50% of my current private coaching rates. 

A 4 month program

Your mastermind experience runs Jan-April, 2019, with biweekly group mastermind calls and a private business goal mapping session with me. It's time to take inspired action!

coaching + online courses!

You get the best of both worlds-coaching PLUS online course modules in both business growth strategy AND mindset mastery

Silbia Ro, Camellia Fiber Company, House of Modern Letters

The biggest change for me? My mindset!  

"I'd spent thousands of dollars on courses and masterminds before working with Stephanie. 

With Stephanie I realized I do have something to offer the world! 

The biggest change because of working with Stephanie? My mindset! Just this change alone made Stephanie the greatest investment I made this year.

~Silbia Ro

Riley Whitson, photographer

If you're on the fence, let THIS be your "yes" moment.

I started working with Stephanie at a fairly vulnerable time. I was struggling with confidence, and not knowing exactly how to market my business for growth.

I needed one to one coaching where I could be vulnerable and have someone speak directly into MY business and goals. 

Stephanie created a plan that boosted my revenue and confidence. And she became my personal cheerleader.

I'm seeing growth on my social media, increased monthly revenue (from $1000 to $2500 a sale in three months!)

If you're on the fence about whether you need this, let this be your "yes" moment. 

~Riley Whitson

Is this YOUR "yes" moment?